Does an office close to the most awesome startup community of student startups, spinouts, investors and actors from the business sector sound great to you? An office that is close to a concentrated melting pot of valuable startup know-how? An office space with a cheap rent?

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Level2 is our office community for graduated student entrepreneurs, spinouts and startups from Aarhus University. The initiative is brought into the world to support student startups on the verge to become viable along with startups contributing to the unique ecosystem in The Kitchen.

You can apply for an office space in Level2 regardless of your relation to Aarhus University. However, we handpick the startups for the office community based on a selection of criteria and a motivated application.

Startups currently in Level2

Curious to know more about Level2?

Reach out to our community coordinator to learn more about the office space at Level2.

Startup and community coordinator Annette Braad Christensen


Startup and community coordinator