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Most of them are open to everyone.

Types of workshops

Open to all

Workshops open to everyone, both at and outside Aarhus University.

Your brand is your business.

It is the sum of all the impressions you leave: It is you, your product, your customer service, your communication, your appearance etcetera. In other words; every startup has a brand. Does yours do you any good?

In this workshop, we will focus on your strengths and motivations and how they can be used strategically to grow your business. Being clear about your purpose, values and unique selling points is a powerful way to build meaningful communication that makes you stand out. This is how you create invaluable PR – PR that money can't buy.

You will

  • Learn to turn your purpose and values into a business asset
  • Get started building a strategic brand foundation
  • Gain tools for clear and efficient storytelling.


What talents and competencies does your team already hold, and how can you make the most out of your team – your most important resource? How can your team improve? How do you build a culture that matches your ambition and values?

This workshop aims to inspire your strategic thoughts about culture and your most valued equity: Your team.

You will learn how to proactively develop a meaningful culture in which people thrive and perform well, even in an uncertain environment.

Please notice that you will benefit the most from this workshop if the full team of founders participate.

You will

  • Map existing and needed competencies in relation to your business or business idea
  • Learn to understand and develop a thriving and efficient team in an uncertain context
  • Be inspired to understand and further develop your work environment.


We negotiate every day. Even in situations where we don’t think we negotiate. We negotiate with suppliers and customers as well as with colleagues, family and friends. 

Knowing what you want and how to ask for it is a highly valuable skill needed to succeed in negotiations. But as an inexperienced entrepreneur, you might find it surprisingly difficult to ask for what you want. Be it in relation to customers, investors or other people who engage with your startup.  

The goal of this workshop is to make you more efficient in “getting what you want” and at the same time maintaining good relationships. This will help you attract much needed resources such as practical help from other people and better deals with your suppliers.  

You will

  • Become a better negotiator 
  • Learn about Thompson’s 10 pie-slicing strategies
  • Participate in hands-on exercises.

You might also be interested in our other negotiation workshop Realize win-win potentials in negotiations.


The best negotiations are not about give and take, but rather about creating a better deal for both parties. This workshop tunes in on how both you and your counterpart(s) can create win-win situations. You will learn how you can take the lead in such negotiation processes. 
The goal of this workshop is to make you a more successful negotiator. This will help you get better deals and develop your business smoother and more efficiently.    

You will

  • Become a better negotiator
  • Learn about the Harvard Method
  • Participate in hands-on exercises.

You might also be interested in our other negotiation workshop Get what you want in negotiations.


Looking for private investors? The goal of this workshop is to prepare you to confidently take the lead in the investment process. 

In this workshop, you will learn how to credibly “sell” your startup to investors. You will also learn what investors look for and understand how they think and act, both before and after investment. 

You will be introduced to what a Cap Table is and why it is important to know how a cap table develops over several rounds of investment.  

You will

  • Learn basic investment terminology
  • Understand how you can move forward in your investment process
  • Get a spreadsheet in which you can plot your first cap table.

If you are interested in other types of funding, check out the workshop Introduction to the financial ecosystem for startups.


Most people think of patents as the only way to protect an idea.  The truth is that trademarks, copyrights, design protection and trade secrets can also be used to protect the assets of a company. 

The workshop will introduce you to all the major protection strategies, including patents, and help you choose the right strategy for your startup. 

You will

  • Learn of the various ways to protect your idea
  • Get a list of criteria for various protection strategies
  • Understand how you can protect your idea.


Will your startup become profitable? When will you run out of cash? When will you need additional money?

Financially sound operations are key to any startup that wants to be in the market for the long run. At the same time, it is very tricky to credibly forecast a startup’s future financial situation.

While your cash flow statement tells you if or when you run out of cash, the financial forecast tells you whether you will become profitable in the future.

In this workshop, you will learn how to set up your own cash flow statement and how to forecast your financial situations.

The workshop is for you who have moved beyond the initial idea phase.

Basic knowledge of Excel is an advantage, as we will work directly with Excel in this workshop.

You will

  • Get a financial forecast Excel spreadsheet where you can forecast the situation of your startup
  • Get a cash flow Excel spreadsheet so you know if or when you run out of money.

You might also be interested in the workshop Introduction to the financial ecosystem for startups.


Embracing sustainability and adopting circular economic business models are fundamental steps in establishing a thriving business—and we are here to guide you through this transformation.

Our workshop is designed not only to inspire you with the possibilities a circular business model holds, but also to equip you with the necessary tools to initiate a shift in both your mindset and your business operations.

During the workshop, we will showcase a variety of case studies from companies who have successfully integrated sustainability and circular business models into their operations. You will be introduced to our model for developing circular business strategies.

Towards the end of the session, there will be a dedicated Q&A segment where you, along with Compass, Erhvervshus Midtjylland, and the entrepreneurs featured in our case studies, can discuss and receive feedback on the strategies for your own start-up.

What you will gain from this workshop:

  • A better understanding of circular business model
  • Strategies for shifting your mindset towards sustainability
  • One-on-one feedback sessions


Do you want to understand the pros and cons of various funding sources?

Join our workshop and get an understanding of what various cash providers require in terms of deliveries and ownership in your startup. We will focus on easily understandable terms; hence anyone can join.

In this workshop, we will prepare you for navigating the funding landscape and make a plan for your funding journey.

We will cover sources such as:

  • Bootstrapping
  • FFF (friends, family and fools)
  • Case competitions
  • Soft funding
  • Grants for science-backed projects
  • Accelerators and incubators
  • Business angel networks
  • Banks
  • Crowdfunding
  • Sales and customer cooperation’s as a financial driver
  • Venture capital

You will

  • Learn of the various funding sources
  • Understand the pros and cons of each funding source
  • Get a funding journey plan for your startup.

You might also be interested in the workshop Financial forecasting and cash flow.


Famous entrepreneur Mark Cuban got known for his phrase ‘sales cure all’. This is true in many ways. Not least because sales boost your confidence and validates your business. But how do you go about strategy, tactics and activities with the end goal of closing deals?

In this workshop, we cover the full sales cycle. From prospecting the ideal customer profile to contacting, building the relation, and utilizing the opportunity. We cover aspects of true value creation, customer-driven success, pitfalls, and not least closure of the sale.

The workshop centers on strategy as the guiding principle. Within this strategy, we delve into the essential techniques to navigate common challenges within the sales cycle and day-to-day operations.

We believe that sales skills are essential and game-changing to any startup at any stage in any type of business. You will learn that any type of personality can practice sales.

In this workshop, we will use both theory and real-world examples, and there will be plenty of opportunities to discuss the material.

You will

  • Get a sales framework from contact to closure
  • Gain simple, easy-to-use tools for your startup
  • Be inspired to achieve sales.


members only

Workshops for entrepreneurs at The Kitchen, join our hub to access.

This three-part workshop series will help you develop your business idea through a deeper understanding of the problem you are solving, the solution you provide, and how you can set yourself apart from your competitors. 

Throughout the workshops, you will work with hands-on tools for prototyping, pitching and networking. 

The workshops are a package deal, and you sign up for all three workshops at once.


Workshop #1: Talk to your customers
Learn how to get early feedback from your (potential) customers to understand the needs and problems you address

Workshop #2: Test your idea
Learn how to get out there to validate your idea by testing your solution with potential customers.

Workshop #3: Looking at the world around you
Learn to differentiate yourself from your competitors by communicating your strengths, unique advantages and position in the market.

Key takeaways

  • Tools for validating your business idea 
  • Strategies for using your network 
  • Hands-on prototyping experience 
  • A "go do" attitude


The Startup Essentials workshops are open exclusively to members of The Kitchen.

Please note

The Startup Essentials workshops are mandatory if you want to apply for an EarlyCash grant. We expect a significant part of your founder team to participate in all three workshops before you apply for the grant.

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November 2023 series

  • November 15, 09:00-12:00 (workshop #1)
  • November 21, 09:00-12:00 (workshop #2)
  • November 29, 12:30-15:30 (workshop #3)

Sign up for Startup Essentials in November


Having a well-tuned pitch deck is necessary for any startup that wants to communicate with the surrounding ecosystem. This could be public soft-funding providers (Innofounder, Innobooster, Vækstfonden etcetera), private investors, or anyone else who is interested in your business.

Pitch Week is an intense, week-long work zone where you and your team will get in contact with relevant people and conduct desktop research to improve your data and to build a clear and convincing pitch deck.

Throughout the week, your team will meet with business developers from The Kitchen and with other startups for mutual feedback. In our experience, all startups improve their pitch dramatically over the course of the week. And not only does your pitch improve, so does your entire business case.

Pitch Week ends on Friday afternoon with you pitching in front of a panel of investors and other entrepreneurs.

Key takeaways

  • A convincing 10-minute pitch deck
  • Experience pitching to investors and other stakeholders
  • An improved business case


Monday 10:00-12:00 – Kick-off 
Tuesday 14:00-16:00 – Feedback session 
Thursday 9:00-12:00 – Pitch rehearsal and feedback 
Friday 12:00-15:00 – Pitch presentation 

The program may be subject to minor changes.


Pitch Week is open exclusively to members of The Kitchen. Please consult your business developer before you sign up to Pitch Week.

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Are you applying for the Innofounder program? 

Join our workshop and learn the dos and don’ts of writing a good Innofounder application.


  • Part 1: Overview of the structure and success criteria of Innofounder applications
  • Part 2: How to write successful Innofounder applications
  • Part 3: A startup from The Kitchen shares their experience from applying for the Innofounder program


The Innofounder Application Workshop is open exclusively to members of The Kitchen. You need to have started writing your application at the time of the workshop.

More information

Read more about the Innofounder program

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