Soft funding

Looking to get your development costs financed without your ownership shares being diluted? Soft funding ensures financial de-risking and gives you time and money to work on your idea.

√ Equity free

√ Financial de-risk

√ Seal of approval

Soft funds at various levels

Technology Readiness Level (TRL)

Examples of soft funds

Important success criteria

LEVEL 1: Idea and research

Important success criteria are to describe your early research and innovation.

LEVEL 2: Conceptualization
LEVEL 3: Experimentation

Important success criteria are to describe your impact, team and market feedback.

LEVEL 4-5: Prototype validation
LEVEL 6-7: Prototype demonstration

Important success criteria are to describe your business partnerships, project planning and business impact.

LEVEL 8-9: System complete, ready for production

By now, you have advanced to sales, licensing or the private investment market.

Important success criteria are to describe your commercial and operational goals.

  • The higher up the scale, the bigger the cash, and the bigger the requirements
  • The Kitchen have funds available at each level
  • Preparation and planning will get you far

Pro tips

  • Increase your chances by applying to several funds. The hit rate per fund is usually 25%.
  • Make sure your startup is aligned to the criteria of each fund you apply to.
  • Pay attention to how you describe your impact.
  • Show bottom-up market validation.
  • Plan your funding journey from idea phase to production phase.

Our grants

The Kitchen also offer selected grants for startups from Aarhus University in collaboration with our partners.

BII Futures Grant

BII Futures is a grant for Master’s and PhD students at Aarhus University within life science and food tech.


Reach out to our fundraising expert or join our workshops on funding.

Business developer Navid Dayyani


Business developer