Advisory services

At The Kitchen, you get access to an extended list of both in-house and external advisory services. This guidance is designed to help you build and grow your business.

Types of advisory services

Business developers

When you join The Kitchen, you’ll be assigned a dedicated business developer from our team to help you navigate and grow as an entrepreneur.

Dual career service

Aarhus University offers a dual career program that helps student entrepreneurs balance life as a student with life as an entrepreneur.

Invention disclosure

If you have produced an invention in connection with your employment at Aarhus University, you are required to report it.

Open desk advisory

As part of The Kitchen, you have access to legal, financial and other types of advice through our partners.

Athletes as entrepreneurs

The Kitchen is part of the Erasmus+ course AtLAS – an entrepreneurial course tailor-made for elite athletes.

Get started

You access our services by joining The Kitchen with a business or a business idea.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out for an informal chat about your needs and options.