Privacy policy for subscriptions to news from Enterprise and Innovation

Connection with other aspects of Aarhus University’s privacy policy

These guidelines describe how Enterprise and Innovation/Aarhus University, hereinafter referred to as ‘we’ or ‘us’, process your personal data when you subscribe to News from Enterprise and Innovation, including News from The Kitchen.
These guidelines are a supplement to the university’s general privacy policy, which is available here: https://international.au.dk/about/profile/privacy-policy/

By subscribing, you consent to receive information in the form of emails, for example regarding events, projects, other initiatives, news and so on. When we ask for your consent, we explain what you are signing up for.

In connection with your subscription, you may be asked whether you are interested in hearing from us in other ways. In the event that the form of contact you opt into involves processing your personal data in ways that exceed the scope of this privacy policy, we will refer to supplemental guidelines that describe what this additional consent involves.

This may include asking you whether you are interested in hearing from us about getting involved in one or more of our activities or – if you are a graduate of or student at Aarhus University – joining our alumni network.

It is important that the personal information we register about you is correct. Please remember to update your personal information in the event of any changes.



The purposes for which we process your personal data are:

  • To send you targeted, personalised marketing by email in the form of news, invitations to events, information about competency development opportunities, information about activities, projects and tools, opportunities for networking or collaboration, etc. from Enterprise and Innovation/Aarhus University.
  • To develop our news products, events and competency development offers and other commercial initiatives aimed at strengthening Enterprise and Innovation’s/Aarhus University’s external relations.
  • To produce anonymised analyses and statistics, etc. for use by Enterprise and Innovation/Aarhus University.


Categories of personal data covered by your consent

When you subscribe to News from Enterprise and Innovation, which includes The Kitchen, you provide us with your name, your current email address and your current occupation (position and workplace).

When you subscribe, you may be asked to specify what topic(s) you are interested in. For example, you may be asked to select different types of news aimed at specific target audiences and/or specific academic/professional interests. We ask you to select your topic(s) of interest in order to make the information you receive as relevant as possible.

If you are an Aarhus University alum (or currently enrolled as a student here), we also ask you to state your civil registration (CPR) number so that we can match your sign-up data with your data in the course administration system if you sign up to join our alumni network at the same time as you subscribe. When you sign up to join Aarhus University’s alumni network, you are required to state your civil registration number. The reason for this is that the information in the course administration system on your educational affiliation to Aarhus University documents that you meet the membership conditions.


Processing activities covered by your consent

We use your data to:

  • Select and send you emails containing news, invitations to events, information about competency development opportunities, information about activities, projects and tools, opportunities for networking or collaboration, etc. within the enterprise and innovation area/Aarhus University.
  • Produce anonymised analyses and statistics, for example about occupation and/or topics of interest, as well as to solicit feedback regarding our activities and initiatives.

Registration of your data in our database
Your subscription, which includes your data as well as the topics of interest you indicate, will be registered in our relationship management database.

We also register the email communication we send you as well as your interaction with such mails – whether and when you open them, click on links, etc.

If you are already registered in our database, for example because you have already subscribed to one or more news services, an event and/or because you are an alum of or student at Aarhus University, information regarding your subscription will be integrated into your existing profile as a general rule. As far as possible, we attempt to ensure that all of your data are registered under a single profile in our database.

Processing data collected via tracking cookies
In addition, we may process data collected by tracking your interaction with Enterprise and Innovation/Aarhus University websites. We may combine data from your IP address collected by cookies with your email address. This allows us to take how you interact with our websites into consideration when we assess what information is relevant for you. Naturally, this presupposes that you do not block or delete cookies when you visit the website in question. Read AU’s cookie policy here: https://international.au.dk/cookie-policy/

Assessment of relevance
When we select what information to send you, our assessment may be based on your occupation, your topics of interest, your participation in our events and/or data we collect regarding your interact with Enterprise and Innovation/Aarhus University as well as our websites.


Access to your personal data

Your personal data may be shared within the university. However, your data will only be in situations in which this is necessary in regard to one the purposes described above. Enterprise and Innovation/Aarhus University will under no circumstances exchange your personal data with any third party without your consent.


Withdrawal of consent

Your consent is necessary for us to process your personal data. You have the right to withdraw your consent, either wholly or partially, at any time.

This means that at any time, you can change the topics of interest registered in your membership profile – and hereby the nature and extent of the information you receive from us – by clicking the link at the bottom of the emails you receive from us.

At any time, you can also withdraw your consent to the processing of your personal data described in this policy by unsubscribing from News from Enterprise and Innovation. You can do so by clicking the link in the bottom of the emails you receive from us or by writing to erhvervsstab@au.dk.

Your withdrawal of consent only applies to future communications and does not affect the lawfulness of our data processing undertaken based on your consent up until the time of withdrawal. If you withdraw your consent, we will cease sending you emails and processing your data as described above as quickly as possible.

Your withdrawal of consent to receive news from Enterprise and Innovation does not include a withdrawal of your implicit acceptance of cookies when you visit the websites of Enterprise and Innovation/Aarhus University. Find out how to delete or block cookies here: https://international.au.dk/cookie-policy/


Storage and deletion of personal data

How long we store profile in our relationship management database depends on an individual assessment. However, we can inform you of the overall criteria that we take into account when determining how long to retain your data.

As long as your consent to processing data associated with your profile remains active, we will continue to store your data.

The overall objective of storing your data is to provide an overview of your interaction history in order to provide you with the most relevant, targeted services possible, as well as to provide information on previous communication, participation in events, courses and so on.

Once you have withdrawn your consent, we will continue to process the personal data that we are legally obliged to store and update, i.e. data on alumni, students or former exchange students which is stored in the university’s course administration system.

In addition, the assessment is primarily based on:

  • The nature of the interaction; i.e. the scope, the type and the continuity of your interactions with us. The more relations or the more interactions you have with us, the more interest you have shown in our news services and other offers, the more likely we consider it that you will become active again in future. Such interest will speak in favour of retaining your data for a longer period of time.
  • Your basic affiliation with Aarhus University. If you are an alum, former employee or former exchange student, we base our assessment on the assumption that you will be more interested in maintaining a continuous relation than if you had no such affiliation.


Data controller and data protection officer

The Data Controller is Aarhus University, CVR no. 31119103.

Read more about data security and the university’s duty of disclosure, your rights in relation to insight into, rectification and deletion of your data, etc. in Aarhus University’s privacy policy here: https://international.au.dk/about/profile/privacy-policy/

If you are registered in our database and have any questions regarding our processing of your personal data, please contact Aarhus University’s data protection officer. Aarhus University’s data protection officer is Søren Broberg Nielsen, dpo@au.dk



In addition, you are always welcome to send an email to erhvervsstab@au.dk if you have any questions regarding the contents of these guidelines or how we process your personal data.


Future changes to these guidelines

We reserve the right to make changes to this privacy policy at any time. Any changes will be reflected in the change of the date at the top of this page. In the event of major changes, you will be notified directly in an email from us.