Justin Falk, Daniel Borch-Olsen, Frederik Ulbæk and Maxim Christiansen from Battery Park

November 16, 2023

BY Camilla Kønig

Meet Justin, Daniel, Frederik, and Maxim:

  • Founders of Battery Park, a startup making a convenient solution for the storage and charging of e-bike batteries

  • Studies electrical engineering

  • Founded Battery Park together in 2021

How did the idea of becoming an entrepreneur arise?

Since the majority of us have electrical bikes, we experience an inconvenience as an owner. Right now, there is no solution a charging point for e-bikes. This means that we have had to bring our batteries with us to classes, so that we could charge them. Furthermore, almost half of the value of a bike lies in the battery, which means that we also took the batteries with us when we went into town for security reasons.

Since we are all engineering students, we quickly started thinking of a solution for this problem. On top of that, we thought that we couldn’t be the only ones with this problem, so we started developing a business idea.

How did you get started with your entrepreneurial journey?

After we found our business idea, and a good product as a solution, we contacted our local incubator ORBIT Lab. They offered us our first office and gave us a helping hand in the form of business experts and possible partners.

They also introduced us to The Kitchen, where we could get even more help. After an introduction to the community, they provided us with a mentor, Steen Villadsen, who helped us and gave us insight into what we should focus on.

What has been the biggest challenge in the process?

The biggest challenge so far has been finding a potential partner for testing our first product. This has been a huge setback, because we would like to make these tests before we start releasing our product. To provide the best possible solution, we needed to collect data, so that we can understand the exact needs for our customers.

What does a typical workweek look like in relation to combining your startup with your studies?

A typical week for us is quite busy. We normally have classes from 9-15, and some of us have work afterwards. This means that we often work on our business between classes, or after school. The only problem with this is that other companies usually have their opening hours during our classes, so we sometimes need to prioritize the business over our studies.

Your best advice for other students who are considering becoming entrepreneurs?

  • Identify a real problem you’re passionate about solving.
  • Balance studies and business efficiently.
  • Gather data and customer feedback for improvement.
  • Maintain a clear, long-term vision.