Internship Program

Are you considering starting your own business or have you already taken the plunge and started your own business? Then an internship in your own startup might be something for you.

Interning in your own startup is a unique possibility to concentrate on starting or developing your own business, and at the same time use your professional knowledge in practice.

If you intern in your own startup, you will follow The Kitchen’s internship program where you, together with students from the entire university, participate in entrepreneurial workshops, biweekly peer to peer sessions, inspirational talks and networking activities.

In addition to this, you will be assigned a startup advisor, who will help you develop your business and you as an entrepreneur.

If you choose to intern in your own startup, you will automatically become a part of our Founders’ Community at The Kitchen together with our 100+ other student startups.

As a part of Founders’ Community, you get access to our open workspace, meeting rooms, photo lab, audio lab, free legal and accounting advice, a variety of events and of course becomes a part of a big and welcoming community of other entrepreneurs.

Who can intern in their own startup?

To do an ECTS-credited internship in your own startup, internship/ project placement must be a part of your academic regulations. If your academic regulations allow internship, make sure that your academic supervisor always approves your internship.

Not all departments at the universities allow interning in your own startup, so contact your academic supervisor or student counsellor to find out whether it is allowed in your field of study.

Before being accepted into the internship program at The Kitchen, a member of our staff will screen all startups/ideas for a startup to ensure that there is enough to work with from an entrepreneurial perspective for an entire semester.

I want to intern in my own startup. What do I do?

  1. Find out if your academic regulations allow internship and if it is allowed in your field of study.
  2. Contact Marie Kjølhede at to apply for the internship program at The Kitchen.
  3. Fill out the project placement agreement in collaboration with your academic supervisor. Remember to state that you are doing your internship in your own startup.
  4. Send your agreement to Marie Kjølhede, who will fill out ‘the project host’ spaces in the agreement and sign it as ‘the project host’. Marie Kjølhede will return the signed agreement to you.
  5. When the course registration is open, choose ‘Projektorienteret forløb’/’Project placement’. If you are a student in the MSc in Economics and Business Adminstration (cand.merc.) programme at Aarhus BSS, you can choose the course ‘Project-based Internship in Your Own Startup.’
  6. Upload or email your project placement agreement as stated on the agreement.
  7. Now you are officially accepted into The Internship Program at The Kitchen.
  8. Information concerning the program will be sent to you via email and can also be seen in the semester program.


Project coordinator internship program


That depends on the amount of ECTS you get for your project placement. The more ECTS you get the more hours you are required to spend. Your academic advisor can guide you on the specifics in your field of study.

The internship program starts in the beginning of the semester. See the program for more details.

You can find information about your exam in connection with project placements in your academic regulations.

Yes, you can! We actually hope that you do. You do not have to do anything to continue at The Kitchen after you finish your internship. As long as you are a part of Founders’ Community, you can access all the services at The Kitchen.

No, as in any other ECTS-credited internship you cannot receive salary.

Yes, you do have to have an idea to do an internship in your own startup. The idea does not need to be fully developed, but we require that you have made some initial considerations about what your idea is, how it brings value to your potential customers, and whom your potential customers could be. These are also some of the questions you will have to answer when applying for the internship program.