Ignite is an informal buddy program with the ambition to release more of the already existing knowledge, skills, network and experience – held by entrepreneurs in The Kitchen – for the benefit of aspiring entrepreneurs. Ignite matches experienced student entrepreneurs (Ignite Senior) with students from the next generation of entrepreneurs (Ignite Junior) in The Kitchen.

Ignite is a great opportunity to pass along all the useful know-how to the next generation of entrepreneurs at Aarhus University. At the same time, it is a unique chance for aspiring student entrepreneurs to connect and learn from like-minded and more experienced peers.

How it works

Ignite is aimed at new entrepreneurs in The Kitchen as well as more experienced entrepreneurs in the hub. Both candidates apply by stating your interest in a private email to Vegar, one of The Kitchen’s startup advisors (look below for details). Based on the interests of you as an Ignite Junior along with the scope of your startup, you will be matched with an Ignite Senior. It is the Ignite Senior’s responsibility to set up the first meeting, and on you go.

How to become an Ignite Senior


  • Apply by submitting a motivational letter (Danish or English) to Annette Braad Christensen ( abc@au.dk )
  • Applications are received on an ongoing basis


  • You are enrolled in The Kitchen – NEXT (exceptions can be made)
  • You are keen on sharing and caring for aspiring entrepreneurs


  • You will be paid pr. registered hour – in average 20 hours pr. month
  • You will receive training from The Kitchen-team on how to act as a buddy

How to become an Ignite Junior


  • Register as an Ignite Junior by stating your interest in an email to Annette Braad Christensen ( abc@au.dk )


  • You are in the early stages of developing your idea/startup
  • You are keen on learning from likeminded people who are a couple of steps ahead of you
  • You are a student at AU (it is not a requirement that you are enrolled in The Kitchen)


  • You get a buddy who cares for you and are eager to help you out
  • You are eligible for applying to EarlyCash, a grant worth 15,000 kr.

Ignite and EarlyCash are inspired by Spark NTNU which was established in 2013 at Norwegian University of Science and Technology.


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