Founders is our program helping your startup or spinout sharpen your business case and get off the ground.

How we work

Our Founders program is your way of joining our startup hub The Kitchen and accessing our services aimed at aspiring entrepreneurs affiliated with Aarhus University.

When you join The Kitchen’s Founder program, you’ll be assigned a business developer from our team to help you navigate as a startup and match you with the resources you need to grow.

As a founder, you’ll also get access to office facilities, personal advisory services, funding, advanced workshops, and more.

Everything is aimed at helping your startup succeed.


To become part of our Founders program, you must be a researcher, student, graduate/former student, or an employee at Aarhus University.

You need:

  • An entrepreneurial idea
  • A strong drive to innovate
  • The necessary ambition to realize your project

All aspiring entrepreneurs are welcome, no matter where you are on your startup journey.

As one of our founders in The Kitchen, we expect you to take active part in our community, be the initiator of your project and take responsibility for your own process.

How to join

You sign up on this page by submitting a one-pager that will be evaluated by our Founders committee. If you meet our requirements, we will invite you for the next Founders’ Gate.

Founders’ Gate is a mandatory, introductory meeting for new startups/spinouts joining The Kitchen. At this meeting, you will learn all about our facilities, get access to our hub, be assigned a personal adviser, and meet all the other aspiring entrepreneurs ready to become part of our community. We host a Founders’ Gate meeting every month.

What’s included

Workspace access in public zone
Apply for private office up to 12 months
Access to meeting rooms
Access to business development adviser
Open Desk advisory (legal, financial, marketing)
Preparatory workshops
Advanced workshops
Access to grants


Do you want to be a part of The Kitchen, but need more information before signing up and attending Founders’ Gate?

Then do not hesitate to contact us on thekitchen@au.dk for an informal meeting with one of our advisers.