EarlyCash is a grant for student startups in the early stages. Thanks to Grundfos for making EarlyCash possible.

EarlyCash is a grant for students at Aarhus University who want to take their startup idea one step closer towards a commercial product or service. Students can apply for grants of 25,000 DKK.

The grant can be used for

  • Technology development
  • Study tours
  • Participating in relevant fairs
  • Travel expenses for visiting costumers or partners
  • Developing pretotypes/prototypes
  • Finalising product before initial launch

Following elements will improve the probability of receiving a grant

  • You have already started a dialog with potential clients/costumers/users
  • You can convincingly argue that the grant will contribute to achieve one or several milestone(s)
  • A well prepared and consistent pitch when presenting to the panel, which includes a budget for the spending of the EarlyCash grant

The grant cannot be used for

  • Operating expenses
  • Marketing
  • Office equipment
  • Expansion of existing product line

The grant is targeted early stage startups. This typically implies that the startup is in the process of validating the idea, considerable sales has not taken place yet, and the startup has not received major financial support/investment yet.

How and when to apply

It is a requirement that you have participated in Startup Essentials, The Kitchen’s intro program to all entrepreneurs who join The Kitchen. Read more about Startup Essentials here

There is a limited number of grants and your pitch and concept need to be spot on.
To increase your chances of receiving the grant, we recommend that you sign up for Ignite, The Kitchen’s buddy program that matches you with experienced student entrepreneurs (Ignite Buddy). Ignite buddy will help you create the best possible pitch and can also help you in the development of your startup.
Read more about our Ignite Program here
Contact Annette Braad Christensen (abc@au.dk) for more information.

EarlyCash has three annual deadlines:

  • 1 June
  • 1 September
  • 1 November

The Kitchen emphasises that the applicant is responsible for examining whether the award is taxable or not. The applicant must be either one person/project lead (CPR) or one company (CVR). In the case where several people are involved in the idea, and the applicant is not a company, the team must choose one project lead as applicant.

Selected applicants are invited to a ten minute presentation. Applicants will be notified, whether they are selected for presentation or not, no later than 10 workdays after the application deadline.

At the presentation, there will be a panel of three judges. The final decision is communicated by email after the presentation. Declined applicants are welcome to re-apply at the next deadline with an updated application.

After 6 months, applicants formulate a short final report that explains how the grant has been used and whether the milestones have been met or not. Pictures in the report are welcome. The final report is sent to abc@au.dk.

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