Accelerators is The Kitchen’s program dedicated to grow university spinouts and startups with scaling potential.

How we work

You will work closely together with your Business Development Manager from The Kitchen to define a development plan and organize activities to help achieve your goals.

Plans and activities will be made in consultation with external industry experts and advisory board.

The acceleration process will be individualized to fit your needs, but a typical process is three phases of two months with checkpoints in between each phase to ensure case progression.

Available workshops and grants


Your brand is your business.

It is the sum of all the impressions you leave: it’s you, your product, customer service, communication, appearance etc.  In other words; every startup has a brand. Does yours do you any good?

A good brand connects with the audience and guides strategic decisions.

In this workshop we will focus on what you can do to shape your brand in a way that is believable, relevant, and meaningful to you, your startup and your customers.


  • Tools to build a strategic brand foundation.
  • Tools for clear and efficient external communication.


March edition: 29/3: 13.00-16.00 PM
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May edition: 25/5: 09.00-12.00 AM

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Your team is the most important asset of your startup. “An A-team with a B-idea always beats a B-team with an A-idea”.

Creating a great team starts with you and your co-founder(s).

In this workshop, you will learn basic team dynamics and how to proactively create a great team with a higher chance of success. Startup-teams depend on knowing individual strengths and values in order to create a shared purpose and goal.

The entire founder-team has to participate in this workshop.


  • An introduction to team dynamics
  • Tools to help focus on values, synergies and strengths
  • A focused approach to building a team


March edition: 08/3: 09.00-12.00 AM

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May edition: 18/5: 13.00-16.00 PM --> CANCELLED


The goal of this workshop is to make you a more successful negotiator. This will help you get better deals and develop your business smoother and more efficiently.

At the workshop, you negotiate the conditions for an angel investment, either from the perspective of the business angel or that of the founder. Building on this, we discuss the principled negotiation approach of the Harvard method, which supports the collaborative realization of win-win potentials and the development of trusting relationships.


  • Practical and useful negotiation guidelines
  • The opportunity to practice and develop your negotiation skills
  • Insights about risk financing negotiations


March edition: 02/03: 09.00-12.00 AM
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April edition: 21/04: 13.00-16.00 PM --> NEW DATE: 18/05 9.00-12.00 AM
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There is a huge number of societal challenges that we urgently need to create sustainable solutions for. Startups can play an essential role in meeting these challenges.

In this workshop you will learn how your startup can contribute and become (more) sustainable. We will look at sustainability from a broad approach including social and cultural dimensions.

The workshop is relevant for any startup seeking to integrate (more) sustainable elements into their business.


  • Inspiration and tools for integrating different aspects of sustainability into your startups
  • An tentative overview of the field of sustainability and strategies to handle the challenges associated with it.


February edition: 22/2: 13.00-16.00 PM
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May edition: 03/5: 13.00-16.00 PM
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The goal of this workshop is to prepare you to confidently take the lead in the investment process so you can attract investors.

You will learn what investors look for and understand how they think and act, both before and after investment.

You will be introduced to terms such as: Cap table, pre-/post money valuation, series A,  etc.



  • An introduction to basic investment terminology
  • Exposure to a real life early stage investment case
  • Tools for valuating your startup



February edition: 07/2: 13.00-16.00 PM
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April edition: 20/4: 09.00-12.00 AM
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Most people think of patents as the only way to protect an idea.  The truth is that trademark, copyright, design protection and trade secrets can also be used to protect a company’s assets.

The workshop will help you choose the right protection strategy for your startup.

(The workshop does not cover patent – patent is for a separate workshop.)    

This workshop is hosted in collaboration with TTO AU


  • An overview of the various ways to protect your idea
  • An understanding of how you can protect your idea


March 15, from 13.00-16.00 PM
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Startups that own patents  become more valuable compared to startups that do not own patents.  The goal of this workshop is that you understand what a patent is, it’s value, and how to proceed with the patenting process in order for you to  maximize the value and impact of your research.

The workshop is relevant for everyone who considers patenting an invention. It is particularly relevant for AU employees. with research that they seek to patent.


  • Practical tools and knowledge necessary to do a preliminary patent search
  • A roadmap for your own patenting process
  • Specific do’s and don’ts in the patenting process

This workshop is hosted in collaboration with TTO AU


May 10, from 13.00-16.00
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På denne workshop får du indblik i, hvorfor du har brug for et CRM, hvad HubSpot CRM* tilbyder, og hvordan du får sat et godt system op fra begyndelsen, så du slipper for at holde styr på alle dine kontakter i dit hoved og gør dine “husk-at-følge-op” post-its overflødige. Du vil også få introduktion til inbound salg og marketing, og hvordan du kan støtte dine kontakter på rejsen fra helt ukendt til loyal kunde, der anbefaler dig til andre.

HubSpot CRM er et brugervenlig og skalerbart værktøj til at sikre at du har styr på alle dine kontakter og kommunikationen med dem. Du får en masse muligheder i den gratis udgave, men som samtidigt har tyngden til at skalere helt op i enterprise-niveau uden at skulle skifte system.


Marts udgave: 22. marts, kl. 13.00 - 15.00
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April udgave: 26. april, kl. 13.00 - 15.00 --> CANCELLED

This 3-part workshop series will help you validate your business idea, find out who your customers are, position your startup, strengthen your communication and get you started with basic financials.

Workshop 1/3 - Talk To Your Customers: Learn how to get feedback from your (potential) customers to understand the needs and problems you address.

Workshop 2/3 – Position your startup: Apply your own strengths and motivations to define your unique position in the market.

Workshop 3/3 – Startup Financials: Learn the financial fundamentals behind a viable business and how you can use it to guide your decisions.


Dates: 23/2, 02/03 & 09/03 from 13.00-16.00 PM
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Dates: 24/03, 31/03 & 07/04 from 13.00-16.00 PM
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Dates: 17/05, 24/05 & 31/05 from 09.00-12.00 AM
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Read more about the workshops here

NB: This workshops series is mandatory for all Founders in The Kitchen and has to be completed within six Months of attending Founders Gate.

Join our Community Sessions to give and get qualified feedback from other startups in The Kitchen.

Our Community Sessions is where you on a monthly basis get together with like-minded startups for sparring and knowledge sharing.

The Kitchen is home to many different startups with many different challenges – and with valuable experiences worth sharing.

Our Community Sessions are for all startups and spinouts enrolled in The Kitchen.

Read more about our sessions and sign up here

The Boiler is an intensive week-long workzone for startups that need a solid pitch-deck grounded in data. A solid pitch is necessary for any startup that wants to attract funding or other resources from externals.

You will get a pitch template to work on. Throughout the week your team meets with startup advisors from The Kitchen and other startups for mutual feedback. We experience that all pitches improve dramatically over the course of the week. Not only does your pitch improve, but so does your entire business case.

Throughout the week, and in between feedback sessions, you are expected to gather more data that improves your pitch.

Your team will be pitching in front of a panel of investors and experienced entrepreneurs on Friday afternoon


  • An understanding of the strenghts and weaknesses related to your pitch deck
  • Constructive feedback from other teams and Startup advisors throughout the week
  • Feedback from a professional panel.

NB: The Boiler is only open to staff and students affiliated with Aarhus University

Read more about The Boiler and register here

Interning in your own startup is a unique possibility to concentrate on starting or developing your own business, and at the same time use your professional knowledge in practice.

If you intern in your own startup, you will follow The Kitchen’s internship program where you, together with students from the entire university, participate in entrepreneurial workshops, biweekly peer to peer sessions, inspirational talks and networking activities.

Read more about the Internship Program here

EarlyCash is a grant for students at Aarhus University who want to take their startup idea one step closer towards a commercial product or service. Students can apply for grants of 25,000 DKK. The grant is targeted early stage startups, who have not received any prior funding.

EarlyCash has three annual deadlines:

  • 1 June
  • 1 September
  • 1 November

Read more about the EarlyCash Grant and how to apply here

*Only available for students at Aarhus University

What’s included

Workspace access in public zone
Preparatory Workshops
Weekly ‘open desk’ advisory
Apply for private office up to 12 months
Access to meeting rooms
Access to business development advise
Advanced Workshops
Partner services: legal, financial, funding, HR
Access to grants
Dedicated Business Development Manager
Advisory Board
Investor Day Pitch
Exclusive funding opportunities


What’s required

You are part of our ‘Founders’ program
A validated value proposition
Deep market insights
Team skills required to grow
Scaling potential
Plan for legal and IP if relevant


How to join

Once a month we admit new cases to ‘Accelerators’. You submit a written application followed by a 10-15 minute pitch with additional Q&A session.