Grundfos Awards 2023: Get an exclusive look inside the biggest startup hub at Aarhus University

April 28, 2023

BY Ida Marie Wøhlk Vilbæk

Grundfos Awards at The Kitchen

On 25 May, four of the most innovative upcoming startups in The Kitchen will compete for a grant sponsored by Grundfos. The pitch competition is accompanied by an award show with free beers, food and entertainment. For visitors, the event is a unique chance to step inside the startup hub at Aarhus University and see what entrepreneurial students and researchers are working on.

What is the very best you could do with DKK 25,000 for an exciting idea?

To 25 startups from the entrepreneurial community at Aarhus University, this question became quite urgent when they won an EarlyCash grant of that exact amount to develop their business last year.

Four of them have managed to do something extra with the money. On 25 May, you can hear them present exactly how far the grants have brought them in the span of a year.

An additional prize of DKK 30,000 sponsored by Grundfos will be awarded to the startup that was most successful in spending the cash. The annual competition called the Grundfos Awards is open to everyone but has a limited number of seats.

Visit an entrepreneurial hotspot

The Grundfos Awards will take place at The Kitchen, the biggest startup hub at Aarhus University and home to more than 400 entrepreneurial ventures founded by students and researchers at the university.

“Above all, this event is a great chance to see some of the most innovative and hardworking upcoming academic entrepreneurs take the stage and deliver a unique pitch on their achievements so far,” says Signe Trier Simonsen, Event and Marketing Lead at The Kitchen.

“It is also a great chance to meet the startup ecosystem in Aarhus and find out what the buzz about entrepreneurship at the university is all about. From business developers and startup advisers to university students and researchers, there will be a lot of people with an interest in innovation and entrepreneurship to talk to,” she continues.

At Grundfos Awards 2023, the following four startups will be competing:

  • AgroAnt
  • Brassica Robotics
  • Bekvem
  • Mile Sports

The award show is open to everyone, and the festive evening will include beers and food for all participants. Tickets are free and available online at a first come, first serve basis.

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