The Kitchen Club

Network – how to do it?

September 8 2022



Network is essential in our work. When we develop our businesses, create collaboration, find new customers and colleagues or need new knowledge for innovation. Some find it is easy to network, for others it is more difficult. So how do we actually network and how can we train it? At this Kitchen Club event we invite startups, established companies, students and university staff to learn more about the art of networking.

We have invited the network expert Charlotte Junge to take us through an intense 3 hour networking session, where we gain knowledge and train the skills.

Charlotte Junge has for 20 years created courses about networking and has published four books about the topic. The latest book “Netværk – sådan gør du” just came out this spring.

Date: September 8
Time: 15:00-18:00
Place: The Kitchen, Playground

For more info:
Louise Overgaard
+45 51 57 67 96