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Louise Ferslev from MyMonii – crashing entrepreneurial stereotypes

October 27 2021



“I love being creative, building things, concepts and brands. That I ended up doing a tech startup – and taking on the banking industry – is more a coincidence than a strategy. But I think it is an important message to send, that creative profiles can flourish and re-define old school industries.”. Quote Louise Ferslev.

She was a solo founder in the first couple of years of MyMonii. She is a woman with a creative background doing tech. She built the first versions of the app mostly without a tech partner using remote coders from Ukraine. Louise Ferslev founder of MyMonii has scattered many of the norms, that most startup stories are built on. On Wednesday the 27th of October, she will share some of the high lights from her journey. The talk will focus on:

✅ The startup story of building MyMonii
✅ Solo founder vs team
✅ Building big partnerships with Nets, the banks and MasterCard

08:00 : Check-in, networking & breakfast
08:30 : Morning Talk
09:15 : Networking or goodbye

MyMonii was founded by Louise Ferslev and Thor Angelo. It is an allowance app, that gives kids a tool to acquire good money habits. With MyMonii the kids can learn how to earn, save, spend and invest.
The MyMonii app currently has 3000 paying users of the new subscription they launched a year ago. Louise Ferslev got the idea of the startup during her studies at Københavns Erhvervsakademi. Along the way she has pulled in a long number of investments – from private investors and “business angel matching loan” from Vækstfonden.

Time: 8:00 – 9:15
Place: The Kitchen
Food: Breakfast
Language: English
The event will also be livestreamed on Facebook