March 9 2021



This workshop looks at investment as a strategic tool that you need to master in order for your startup to have success. Some entrepreneurs are hesitant to bring investors on board their startup. While there are justified reasons for being hesitant, there is no need to be uncertain regarding the process

This workshop will get you on top of the investment process and it will prepare you to take the lead. The workshop will bring clarification on how far you are from being able to attract investment, what you need to do to get closer to it, and it will help you clarify under which conditions you are willing to bring investors on board.

In the first workshop you are introduced to the investment process, terminology etc. In between the workshops, you will create a short investor pitch. In the follow-up workshop on the following Friday we will discuss and provide feedback in groups.

🔸 You will be introduced to key investment terminology (Ex. Cap table, pre- post money valuation, seed-money, series A…)
🔸 You will know which action you need to take in order to move your startup closer to an investment
🔸 You will understand how investors think and act, both before investment and after investment.
🔸 You will be aware of potential positive and challenging mechanisms that arises between founder-team, the board, and investors, and how you proactively can work to create the best possible working atmosphere between all parties.

When: 9th of March & 12th of March 2021.
Time: 13.00-15.00
Place: Zoom or physical (Depends on the Covid-19 situation)
Language: English