The Kitchen Club

Where bright minds meet

The Kitchen Club is the bridge between companies, university startups and the latest research.


The Kitchen Club is our network for corporate partners actively seeking to engage in Aarhus University’s growing startup community.


Through the club you can build relations to promising startups and entrepreneurs and benefit from the latest research at Aarhus University.


Collaboration is the way forward. We have talent, ambition and insight. You have experience, expertise, and knowhow within your field.

Who can join?

Companies – big and small – wanting to play an active role in advancing the entrepreneurs of tomorrow and help great ideas succeed.

What’s in it for me?

Get exposed to bright minds and ambitious talent and benefit from the latest research at Aarhus University.

What’s required?

  • Curiosity
  • Active engagement
  • Willingness to share
  • It’s win-win

Become a member



For companies and individuals who want to work directly with the individual startups through open desk advisory, mentorship, advisory boards and potential investments.

What you get

Direct access to startups
Participate on a startup journey
Contact with potential partners
  Contact with potential customers


For companies who want to get close to startups and students through relevant community sessions, case collaborations, challenges and thematized events.

What you get

Connection to university startups
 Insights and network
 Co-lab with startups and students
  Employer branding

Gold member

For companies who want to sponsor tailor-made programs, activities and events showcasing the company’s brand and who are ready to share their area of expertise.

What you get

 Tailor-made programs and events with your company name
 Open office facilities
 Meeting facilities
  Employer branding


Innovation Club Manager