Welcome to CleverCoffee – The Kitchen’s awesome coffee shop, who serves some of the best coffee in all of Aarhus.

Open Monday to Friday from 9-15

Quality, technology and sustainability are at the core of their concept, which enables CleverCoffee to produce the very best cup of coffee for you and still keep the price and environmental impact low.

Everyone, inside and outside Aarhus University, can stop by for a sweet and rich cup with notes of chocolate and red berries along with a homemade caramel canapé. Oh, and crisp and delicious sandwiches.

Intrigued? We don’t blame you. Come by and taste for yourself.

A story of passion

In 2016, Lars Frello was working full time as a project manager at Danish Technological Institute. But in the evenings, you could find him roasting for his life in his private garage. Until then, he had only sold his coffee beans – which he imported himself – to friends and family. In 2018, he took the leap. Together with his co-aficionado Lindy Brogaard, he quit his job, followed his dream, and together they started running CleverCoffee on a full time basis. Their business escalated quickly and they started exporting their coffee to countries all over the world.

Finally, in 2020, Lars and Lindy could mark another milestone: Opening their first coffee shop. And that is how The Kitchen got great quality beans every single day.

Expertise and sustainability

Apart from skyhigh quality, an important reason for our collaboration with CleverCoffee is their expertise and sustainable practices. CleverCoffee trades directly with the coffee farmer. In this way, they ensure a good pay, proper work conditions and a chance for the farmers to flourish and develop their businesses.

CleverCoffee uses wind power only, their water facilities for coffee brewing are the most sustainable on the market, and they use sustainable packaging to the widest possible extent.

In other words: CleverCoffee are true nerds all the way around. And that benefits you, us and our entire planet. Read more about CleverCoffee’s transparency and sustainability line here: https://clevercoffee.dk/transparens/


2014 – CleverCoffee is founded as a coffee roasting blog – mainly depicting the restoration of a 1963 Probat LG5 coffee roaster
2015 – Opens webshop with freshly roasted coffee beans – roasted on the 1963 Probat LG5
2018 – Transforms from side-project to full-time business and starts to trade coffee directly from coffee farms all over the world.
2018 – Upgrades coffee roaster from 5 kilo Probat LG5 to 15 kilo Giesen W15
2019 – Wins the prize as Entrepreneur of the Year 2019 in Odder Municipality
2019 – Signs “The Pledge” – an international common code for transparency reporting in green coffee buying
2020 – Opens their first coffee shop in The Kitchen
2020 – Upgrades coffee roaster to a Loring S15 Falcon – the world’s most energy efficient and automated roaster