The Kitchen is Aarhus University’s startup hub dedicated to accelerate knowledge and innovative solutions to the fundamental challenges facing society.


We strive to be a melting point for the larger entrepreneurial community, as we believe innovation and collaboration go hand in hand.

The Kitchen is located in the historic community hospital buildings in Aarhus, and in the very place where the old hospital kitchen used to be. Today, the 3300 square meters are dedicated to the physical framework for startups and spin-outs from Aarhus University to realise their ideas, build their businesses and to help increase impact. In addition to university spin-outs and startups, we are home to established startups, corporate partners, and private and public investors.

Furthermore, The Kitchen is a public workspace and café open to everyone.
Year round we host more than 200 inspirational and professional talks, networking and social events, investor events, workshops, pitch sessions, and more.
Most of it open to everyone.

We believe that by connecting students and researchers with the corporate sector as well as the startup community outside Aarhus University, we create the most nourishing environment for innovation and collaboration to grow.

Only together we can tackle the big challenges of tomorrow.