The Kitchen is the biggest startup hub at Aarhus University. We have one main purpose: to support students and researchers in exploring their entrepreneurial and commercial potential.


What we do

The Kitchen is Aarhus University’s startup hub. If you are a student or researcher with an idea, an existing company or with research that has commercial potential, this is the place for you. We cover all types of businesses – from independent consultants to spinouts curing cancer. Our mission is to help you build the startup of your dreams.

As a part of our hub, you get access to:

A business developer: Who gives you feedback, challenges you and supports you – and has knowledge within your field of business.

Services: You get access to accountants, lawyers, office space, a photo lab and more. You can also join a wide range of workshops full of the tools you need to build a startup.

Funding support: Whether your business idea came to you yesterday or is already well on its way, there is funding for it. We give you an overview of your options and help you make a funding strategy.

A melting pot for innovation

Besides hatching new businesses, The Kitchen is central to the innovation activities and commercialization at Aarhus University. From patenting and licensing research to establishing partnerships with industry pioneers.

Our hub is open to all who wish to tap into Aarhus’ innovative ecosystem. Besides startups, we are also home to established businesses, corporate partners and private and public investors. In addition, most of our workshops and facilities are open to all entrepreneurs – not just students and researchers. It is our hope that this will help spark innovation throughout our region.

This is what you get

Person with an authority star at their chest


Our business developers are experts in their fields. When you join our hub, one of them will become your advisor and provide coaching and feedback on your startup.

Hand holding a selection of services


Our far-reaching services include professional accounting and legal advice, various talks and workshops, services in patenting technology and inventions, and all types of work spaces.

Funding money to help startups grow


With so many opportunities, the field of funding has grown hard to navigate for most entrepreneurs. We will help you map your options and provide training and feedback on your applications.

A community of entrepreneurs


At The Kitchen, you’re not alone. Our community spans a wide range of academic fields and just as many personalities. This means you will never lack peers to learn from or share your experiences with.

Our history

As you might have guessed, our hub is called the Kitchen because it is located in what used to be the central kitchen of the community hospital in Aarhus. The 3,300 square meters were the center of food preparation and cooking for all patients at the hospital.

Today, entrepreneurs cook up ideas here. What used to be “pålægsrummet” is now home to our staff. Two of the large fridges have been turned into podcast and photo studios. The freezer downstairs now houses our ‘Playground’, the place where we hold events and where people can work from comfortable chairs.

The philosophy of making over the 80-year-old hospital was to preserve as much of the original charm as possible. If you stroll through The Kitchen today, you still see the original signs, tiles and handles. Yellow stripes on the floor still indicate where kitchen workers used to push trolleys holding food for the patients. The rustic approach to the building’s decor aim to create an entrepreneurial atmosphere whispering; this place is meant to be used.

So use it. Build something. Do something.

More about our hub


At The Kitchen, you’ll find both aspiring entrepreneurs and mature businesses founded by students and researchers from Aarhus University.


The Kitchen has a large network of corporate partners, investors and other collaborators. We strive to be a melting pot for the larger entrepreneurial community.


At The Kitchen, We believe that diversity is key for innovation to truly grow within Danish entrepreneurship. That’s why we work to bring greater diversity into our startup hub.