STARTUP EXPERT ADVICE: Great Content as King in B2B Marketing

Great Content as King in B2B Marketing

June 12, 2020
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Written by Peter Lauritsen
CCO og partner i Texta

Do you work with B2B marketing? Or are you about to enter the B2B market anytime soon? Then there is one thing you must pay extra attention to – creating great content. When working with B2B marketing your strategy should not focus too much on volume. B2B marketing is about getting relevant and warm leads who are likely to convert to customers later on. Therefore, quality leads are more important than volume.

But how do you get your hands on these relevant leads? The answer is: By creating amazing content that target your specific audience. In this blog post, I will guide you through the B2B marketing jungle and explain why content is king in every B2B marketing strategy. Hopefully, you will feel better equipped to seize your own B2B marketing adventure.


Why B2B Marketing is a Must


Even though many B2B companies have benefitted from offline marketing efforts for several years, this is not nearly enough anymore. It is no longer a question about if you should work with digital marketing but how.

Therefore, many companies choose to put more efforts into digital marketing – with great success. If you want to do the same and even overtake your rival companies on the inside, you will have to speed up – you can almost only be too slow with getting started on your digital B2B marketing.

Important Characteristics of B2B Marketing


B2B marketing is characterized by having a far more fragmented customer journey than B2C marketing. And that is very important to realize before you get started on your B2B content strategy. In short, B2B companies can be characterized by


    • Having far more decision makers across different divisions


    • Having longer decision-making processes, negotiations and approvals of products, purchases, financial authority etc.


    • The process from first interaction to final conversion is markably longer


    • Their products/services are often delivered in bigger orders in a higher price range


As you might already understand from these items, the B2B customer journey is complex and long. Therefore, the be-all and end-all of every B2B marketing strategy is content that hits the mark. Put in another way: Your B2B content strategy must support your product/service through the whole purchase journey across channels, media and critical touch-points.


Great Content as the Key to Success


When working with B2B marketing you should aim to position your company as the leading export and a valuable resource within your industry and field so that you reach the right customers. You do this by creating great quality content.

Content is the key in every B2B marketing strategy. Not only can you strengthen your brand awareness among potential customers and your expert position – there is a number of other advantages when focusing on content in your B2B marketing strategy.

Here are some of the things that you can achieve by putting an effort into making great content along with a few pieces of advice:


1. Boost the traffic to your website

Quality content focusing on SEO can really boost the traffic to your website. You can choose to distribute your content as “gated content” or “free content”, both with each their advantages.

By creating free content, you make your content easy to access for anyone who lands on your website. This model is beneficial if you want to increase your brand awareness.

Gated content such as webinars, white papers etc. can only be accessed if the audience “pays” to get access. Often, the audience pays with information such as their name, email address and other contact information. Gated content is very beneficial for B2B marketers because it gives you burning hot leads and relevant, potential customers who have shown an extra interest in your content.


2. Increase your credibility among interested potential costumers

You probably know the phrase Show it, don’t tell it. It is easy to just tell your audience a lot about what your company can do and how, but since many B2B companies sell more expensive products or services, it takes more to persuade your customers. Therefore, you need to provide a deeper knowledge about your product/service. Transparency and goodwill increases your credibility!


3. Reach your customers in different places on their customer journey

Even though I write that content is king, B2B marketing is not only about creating a huge palette of content and distributing it randomly. It is important that your content strategy supports your product/service through the whole purchase journey across media and important touch-points. You should distribute your content to the right people on the rights spots at the right time.


4.     Evergreens Above Transient Campaigns

As a B2B company, you have to focus on building the right content instead of just content. Your money is better spent making less but better content that goes into something in depth.

And how do you do this? By making thorough analysis and identifying what kind of content your costumers actually needs and yearn for.


5.     Focus on owned media

No matter which industry you work in, your customers will do quite a lot of research about you before chosing to do a purchase. Therefore, it is very important that your B2B marketing focus strategically on owned media – that is, content that is unique to your brand. This does not mean that you should not work with earned or paid media. But owned media is highly efficient when your primary goal is to interact with leads and already existing costumers. Your focus should always be on creating great content to maintain customers, attract leads and convert them into new customers.

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